Hundreds Chart

We decided to create the hundreds chart on the carpet by building it one number at a time! I randomly passed out numbers and it began!

It really challenged their mind where they had to really understand numbers and know their chart to put their card down. 

It took longer than I expected, but it was worth the experience! Great learning! 

We did it!!

Soil, Soil Everywhere!

Soil investigating! I’m a week behind posting with our half days and all! 
Pebble Go offers interesting reading and videos to learn  why soil is important.
Sifting soil and observing textures was so much fun!
Brainpop Jr. is another resource we use.  The students love scanning QR codes to take them directly to the information.  

A few years ago I received a grant for the awesome Sciencesaurus books! These books explain science in a way kids can understand. We love them!

It was a fun science day for all!

Singing about Johnny!

I couldn’t resist posting this adorable video! We are practicing our fluency with a poem about our good citizen, Johnny Appleseed.

Apple Investigations

This week we kicked off our fall theme!  The kids learned a new app (to them) called Popplet.  They used it to make a mind map of the things we can do in Autumn!  (As I write this I am at home and do not have any pictures of these, but I am uploading them on Monday!) They turned out so good.

Then, we took our mapping to paper and wrote about Fall on Wednesday.  I can already see growth in their writing within these first 5 weeks.  As a culminating activity, we brought many kinds of apples in on Friday to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday since he was such a good citizen and helpful to our world.

The kids sorted, surveyed, tallied, graphed, weighed, measured, counted, and tasted these delicious apples.  They even checked to see if they sink or float!  (Water hazard ahead!)

Everyone had fun and even discovered a new favorite kind – Honeycrisp!!

Are these not so beautiful to the eye?
Ta-da!  They sorted.  Well, my picture is sideways. Oops.
Three lucky winners got to sort the apples!

Choosing the one to taste first!
Find, tally, graph!
WOW!  Look how much it weighs.
Using dominoes to weigh and record in our book.

I will conclude with a few samples of the precious Apple Investigations Suitcases and Books that the students made to carry all of their apple work.  They were so precious!

Kahoot! It on nouns!

Today we Kahooted it!! Hmmm, you are wondering! It’s the best way to pre-assess, formative assess, post assess anything you are teaching!

Our game was over common and proper nouns! We took a can be boring grammar lesson and turned it into the most competitive game I have seen played amongst a group of 6 year olds! They. Went. Nuts! They loved it and shhhh…I have great data and evidence of learning that I need for each kid! Love it! Check it out! 

They squealed as they saw their entered nicknames pop up on the screen! 

Focusing so intently!

Showing me what THEY know by finding a great learning spot.

If you haven’t tried @GetKahoot , you must! We love it! 

Comparing Day and Night

After studying objects in the sky, the students were given chart paper to construct some sort of chart of their choice to show their learning!  I was very impressed with the charts that were created and shared with our class.  These kids are making all kinds of connections.

Some of our presenters in action!  They loved showing us the maps they made of the things they learned.  You will see some focused more on the stars and moon and some went to the day and night. 🙂  All that matters is we are learning and improving our public speaking skills in the process!

Crazy Day Goal Celebration

We celebrated meeting our fundraiser goal with Silly Sock Day, Shoes Off, and Hat Day.  Whew….what a day!  The kids were so adorable.  This really showed their crazy personalities!  

The Boosterthon Fun Run finally came!

We had so much fun at the Boosterthon Fun Run, even though it was raining!  We walked, ran, skipped, and danced laps and had a blast! Thanks to all who came out and cheered us on and who supported us!

Our classmate, Karson, was asked to hold the flag during the National Anthem.

We Are Scientists

After talking about all of the safe and important things scientists do, we made a scientist and put up on our wall!  

Some of our ideas were:

I am a scientist because….
– I can name potions.
– I am safe.
– I like to do experiments.