What To Do With Too Much Innerput

If I could I would blog every single day.  It really is so refreshing!

Why would anyone want to blog every single day, you ask?  I do this for me. As selfish as that sounds, I was just telling someone that was commenting on my blog, I do it for my own learning.  I feel like pressure has been lifted off my brain when I get it all out.  馃檪 Who knows how many people see it, really read it, or even gain any insight from it?  I would be lying if I said I didn’t care, because I want to inspire and help others from my own learning experiences.  However, reflecting so that I can learn and grow is the reason I do it.
So what does one do when there is so much learning/reflecting stirring in your mind that you can’t write anything?! I feel like I have deep feelings on one topic, even more intense questions in another area, strong opinions in yet another, at a complete loss of understanding about another, want to share something cool I learned, and have absolutely no clue how to get all of those completely different feelings out to seem coherent!  So the days pass and soon it has been a week…and nothing happened. Does that mean I didn’t gain as much as a learner because I never did anything with this new information?
I read a lot about writer’s block and while I am not sure it is exactly this, worrying about it being good enough for people to read is something every writer feels and I imagine I do too, whether I realize it or not.  This all ties back to the vulnerability that is present in taking risks. It is true in writing.  It makes me wonder if I have too much innerput going on that just stays there.
Innerput: stopping in the middle of this flood of information to think about, wrestle with, challenge, and build on the information that arrives at our technological doorstep. (As defined in Pyschology Today article.)
Maybe I will stop worrying about it being “good enough.”
Maybe I will be more selective about what I spend time on reflecting. Those who know me well know I overthink some things. 馃檪 
Maybe I will just write every single time I feel like it. Who says I actually have to publish it, right?!
I am truly writing to think this through and ask for any suggestions! Please comment or share your awesome ideas.  We are better together.

Casa Manana field trip

Our trip to Casa Manana to see Cinderella was a fantastic end to our fairytale unit!  It is always nice to see your kids connect their learning like you want them to, so to hear them whisper, “Mrs. Visser, they said Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After.”  was music to my ears!  The play was super cute and we all loved it.

We went to Trinity Park after to have a picnic and we couldn’t have picked a better day!  It was so nice and everyone had fun running around!

We played Duck, Duck, Goose and danced to Kidz Bop while waiting to have lunch! We ran around and played on the playground.  We also played ABCs I-Spy on the bus to pass the time on the sleepy ride back to school!

Here are a few pics if you couldn’t join the fun!

Such sweet faces!

Playing Duck, Duck, Goose!

In serious conversation while eating!

Look what I have!

Yummy lunch time!

Can we play after this?!

Silly time!

Learning to Draw from a real Illustrator

Author /Illustrator Visit!!  Ask your child about what they learned to draw and the things they learned about how to use their creative minds to get started.  What a special treat.  Thanks, Mrs. Keller!

PTA membership drive Popcorn Party

We have an AWESOME PTA!  We have an AWESOME set of families!  We have an AWESOME group of kids and we WON the PTA membership drive contest for the first grade!  Thank you for joining our incredible family and PTA.  It really does take Parents and Teachers working together to make our school AWESOME!
We were treated to a fabulous treat of popcorn and toppings and drinks on Friday afternoon.  The kids went crazy!!!  I should say, crazier, since we have been on days of inside recess because of the cold weather.  

Crazy Day Goal Celebration

We celebrated meeting our fundraiser goal with Silly Sock Day, Shoes Off, and Hat Day.  Whew….what a day!  The kids were so adorable.  This really showed their crazy personalities!  

The Boosterthon Fun Run finally came!

We had so much fun at the Boosterthon Fun Run, even though it was raining!  We walked, ran, skipped, and danced laps and had a blast! Thanks to all who came out and cheered us on and who supported us!

Our classmate, Karson, was asked to hold the flag during the National Anthem.

Boosterthon Fun

Jamming out at the Rock’n Town Fun Run kick off!! 
What a great opportunity this is to learn important character skills while having fun and raising money for our school! Remember to log your child in on www.funrun.com so they can get their bracelet.

Supplemental Supply List

Welcome sweet friends!  It is going to be a FANTASTIC year in first grade.  I’m so excited!!!

Our district provided a standard supply list for every grade level, which leaves us to ask for a few supplies that did not make the list and we feel are necessary in our classrooms at Dove. Here is the First Grade Supplemental Supply List.

Please send these supplies by the first day of school.  If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us!

All students will need the following items along with the district list:

       8 ct Crayola Washable Classic skinny markers

       1 set of headphones or earbuds labeled with child’s name

       (6) .77 oz. Elmer鈥檚 glue stick

       (3) durable plastic folders with brads with pockets

       (2) MEAD Primary Journal Creative Story Tablet 

              (7.50鈥 x 9.75鈥 ruled 鈥 100 sheets)