Virtual Voyage – Thinglink Fun

I decided to get a jump start on my summer learning this spring break!  I will be posting my experience and learning on this blog under Virtual Voyage and twitter #gcisdvv.  I will explore new things for the classroom and ways to use new ideas.  Let the fun begin!

I created a Thinglink this week on some of the inventors and important people we are studying currently in first grade, but I thought instead of showing what I did I will show you what these kids made!

Being digital last year with my second graders, I was able to take this technology thing to a level I never thought we could do!  My class was so incredible about jumping on board and trying new things.  So…..I had high hopes and expectations for my students this year, even if they were a year younger.

On the first day of school I had my first graders take a picture of themselves and also of a page called Find Someone Who….  This is a “Get To Know You” activity.  They walked around and could either take a picture or video of the person and write their name.  This would help meeting new friends and remembering their names.  I was pleasantly surprised with what they were able to accomplish!

Get To Know You Activity.
Describing positive characteristics about ourselves.

Here are a few ways that I used it last year with my second graders.  After researching their zoo animal that we saw at the Dallas Zoo on our field trip, they made their own Thinglinks.  Throughout the year they created many Thinglinks about their Genius Hour projects, friends in second grade, and math!  They loved creating different things to share!

Using videos to tell about zoo animal research.

Using words to tell about zoo animal research.

Using a mix of words, video, and pictures to tell about zoo animal research.