Symbaloo – How to Organize It ALL

I often write about matters of the heart in education.  Well, today…here is my informative post of the week about a fabulous technology tool that will really save you T-I-M-E!

Lately, I have often been asked how I keep all of the websites I use, blogs I read, and district information organized.  I recently shared this amazing trick with the rest of the teachers in my building.  Are you ready?  It is..SYMBALOO! 🙂  I think many have seen this site, but not really utilized it to the fullest, including myself.  Kasey Bell is a great resource for walking you through how to set things up in a user-friendly way and finding tips and tricks.  Check her site out!

So, today I am sharing what I use Symbaloo for and I hope you list 10 others ways and share them with me!

  • To keep all of my district’s Most Frequently Used Sites in one easy place. (I’m only showing a partial screenshot, so you see the part I am referring to.)

I will not lie – I love that you can customize your background.  You can never have too much glitter!
  • To keep all of the blogs/sites that I frequently read in one spot.  (However, now thanks to a great post from the amazing George Couros, my new reader is Inoreader. Everything I read is housed there!  Check out his post and you will make this switch too!)
  • To keep Hook clips and songs for lessons.  I also house content related info pages here.
This is the Reading page.  It also has tiles that link to my Pinterest Boards on each topic.

This is the Social Studies page.  You can see, it is a work in progress!  🙂
  • To keep Brain Breaks (that I created or found) in one place so that we are not wasting time searching for our next favorite one.  🙂  
This is a Webmix already made by someone else that I added to my Symbaloo page.  

Here is my Brain Breaks Webmix that I started with our classroom’s favorite ones.  I added Go Noodle and the background music we use throughout the day.

Finding what you want on Symbaloo:

1. Use the magnifying glass at the top of the page to search.
2.  You will see this:
Tiles will search for specific sites people have created. Ex: Sight Words, GCISD Teacher Resources, etc.
Webmixes are the “pages” I refer to that people have created.
Profiles are people who created them.  My profile is public and you can search for it by entering my name, Bridget Visser, into the gray search box and you will see all of the webmixes I created. If you choose to not make your webmix public, it still works the same. People will just be unable to find what you made or use it, and that’s okay if you want that.
Symbaloo can be used for so many different things to meet your needs and the needs of your students.  One year, I had it set up as the homepage on the laptops for the kids to navigate themselves through frequently used sites that they needed for research and other things independently.
I know this is just the tip of the iceberg on ways to use Symbaloo.  Try it out.  Use some of mine! Share your ideas with me!  I can’t wait to learn new ways to use this awesome tool.