Good Citizenship with our Kinder friends

Teaching our Kinder friends what it means to be a good citizen.  It was special to see them showing what it looks like by talking about and role playing through iMovie!  They love acting any chance they get, and to show a friend is always exciting!  Proud kiddos!

We were lucky in return and got to see Mrs. Moran’s kinder video on lion research.  Our kinder friends worked so hard on this and we were very impressed!

Open House

Snow and bad weather can’t stop us!  What an amazing turn out we had at Open House last week.  I loved seeing the children show their parents all of the work they are so proud of.  They were able to show their Google Drive full of exciting projects, as well as how much they have grown in their writing.  Seeing their faces light up was the best part of the night!  Thanks to all who were able to attend.

The kids started the night with a checklist.  Very similar style to our Student-Led Conferences, this was Student-Led Open House.  I must say, we are a class of list makers.  🙂  Here is the checklist we used.

Jonah showing off his cool moves.
Austin proud of his Dear Deer writing.
Dean showing off his timeline and the work of his classmates.

Gracie showing off her work on her Google Drive.

Lillian proud to show her writing to her family.

Karson showing off his Yellowlicious story.

Matthew showing off his writing and Google Drive work.

Caleb showing off his digital work.  Isaac showing off all of his stories he wrote.

In action – proud families!

More in action showing off and such sweet smiles!

President’s Day

If you were to ask my kids this past Monday something exciting that is happening this week, they would probably all say, “It is President Lincoln’s birthday!” since they know how much their teacher adores him.  We read the book I Am Abraham Lincoln by Metzer. It is the best book to explain the character of Lincoln for kids.  We loved learning what a good kid he was.

We wrote down What We Knew about the presidents using the app WeKWL. The kids loved seeing each other’s writing pop up on the screen as they typed.

Then, the kids went online to a Blendspace I made with all sorts of videos and songs about both Lincoln and Washington.  They saw virtual tours of Mount Vernon, Mount Rushmore, Ford’s theater and listened to information.  They were so excited learning all about these great presidents.

After doing the reading and research, they used the app Venn Diagram to compare both presidents.

Then, after all that digital learning about presidents they were able to create their own log cabins using pretzels.  Oh what fun it was to see the creative minds at work!  Some of them put their pictures into Pic Collage all on their own.  🙂

100th day IN STYLE

Don’t you know that the 100th day of school was more than just another day!!  This was an awesome day had by all!  Read on and see what all we learned in one little day!  We celebrated in style by dressing like we think 100 years old look like! Here are a few photos for your daily dose of happy!

Acting 100!

Our 100 year olds.

The best dressed 100 year olds I know!

We didn’t just dress up like we were 100, we focused our entire day on the number 100!  We had two team building challenges using 100 legos and 100 cubes.  They were to work as a team without arguing, everyone had to contribute something and listen to all ideas to create the most creative structure.  If they did this, I gave them $100 dolphin dollars!  Here is the challenge in action.

Then, we read some of the book Who Was Ben Franklin? by Dennis Brindell Fradin.  I will have to tell you first, these are some of my most favorite books because 1. I love history and 2. I love how kid friendly they present the biographical information.  They tell a story.  It sucks you in.  Ask your child.  They didn’t want me to stop.  
When I asked them why they thought I was reading this book today, here are some answers:
   Because he’s old.   Because he is 100.  Because he made legos. (Clearly, it was after we used legos.)
They gasped when I told them it was because he is on the 100 dollar bill.  Oh, how I love history!!  If you haven’t read any of these books, go check them out!  You will love them.
In Math,  we played our most favorite game – Race to 100! Always a crowd favorite.
In Writing, we made a book about what it would be like to have 100 of different things.

For creative thinking, I gave them the three numbers 1-0-0 and had them create something with them and make the picture!  I was TOTALLY impressed with how creative they were!  Here are a few.

Tractor and weightlifter!!

Precious snowman!

The self portrait below is priceless!

What we learned at the end of the day was the best!!  I don’t have pictures, activities, or any technology to show for this….but let me assure you this was where the best learning took place!!!!  It was the moments in our conversations.  One of those moments where you see the children’s eyes and every single one of them is glued to what you are saying and asking questions!  I think I might be developing some little history lovers as we speak!
We discussed communities for social studies and how things have changed.  I showed them pictures of rural, suburban, and urban communities (yes, the 2nd grade teacher coming out in me) and how these have changed from 100 years ago.  We looked at pictures of schools from 100 years ago and now.  We looked at pictures of transportation from 100 years ago until now.  Then we predicted what it will be like in our future!!    The best realization of all was the moment they realized how the toilets have changed and what they used to be! 
Hands down the BEST 100th day of school I have had!  101 days down and not many more until they are 2nd graders.  I can’t even think it!

Needs, Wants, and “Playing family”

Couldn’t think of a better time to teach about Needs and Wants with Christmas around the corner!! These sweet ones were able to distinguish a need from a want AND use their income earned from their job to purchase these for their family.

First, we started with discussions and listed items in our sort.

Next, we played “Family” and each family member had a job where he/she earned money to use on goods and services.  All of the families chose to have a family pet and/or a baby.  Unfortunately, they did not think about how these people would not earn an income; therefore, their family income was much lower than others.  Not only would they not earn an income, but as we all know….childcare is quite expensive!!  🙂  They had many questions as to why the doctor got paid more than the cashier and why the dentist made more than the teacher.  Quite fun to see the thinking going on!
Then, the families went shopping for what they needed and what they wanted.  I loved this part.  They were so serious about why they should get things and why they shouldn’t.  At one point, I heard one of these sweet ones say, “Well, this will be a boring life if we can only get food and clothes and not any fun things.”  Another said, “You can only get all needs and we can get one toy.”
I loved getting to see how they discussed the reasoning behind each good and service they purchased.  I loved seeing them realize that parents give up more than they think for their children.  It was a fun lesson AND one that they keep begging me to “play” again!  
So when your child comes home telling you they “played Family” you will know exactly what that means!

Do you see my employees working above?  What about the family pet resting?  How about the babies crying and sucking their thumbs?  😉  (Their favorite part!)

Social Studies Landforms and Communities

The students were given the choice of which community they would live in.  The choices were mountains, desert, and islands.  They used safe searching QR codes to look for pictures of things they would wear, what food grows there naturally, what do the homes look like, and why would they live there.

Using Pic Collage the students created a collage of which community they chose and why.  I was very impressed with their work!!

Celebrating our Veterans

There is nothing I love more than seeing my sweet little ones so proud, and patriotism! Imagine how special Tuesday was for us. Here, the boys are telling us about their special veteran! 😍

Thanks to all who sent in pictures or items! 

Cardinal Directions using Doceri

Choices, Choices, Choices!
Using our cardinal directions we have been working on in Social Studies, the students used the map legend to draw the symbols on their town.  Then, each student used the app Doceri and recorded themselves talking me through how to get to a place of their choice.  They had to use north, south, east, and west in their directions.

I love how some chose to use reminders by writing the letter of each direction and some did not.  I encourage this kind of ownership in their learning, so I was so excited to see them helping themselves!


I was so impressed with how well they did! They are directional experts!  They even took it to another level when they used their hundreds charts in math to direct other friends to their mystery number.  This is another post about math!