Virtual Voyage – Smore – and it’s not the campfire treat!

A few months into school I began using Smore for my weekly newsletters.  I tried the free version and loved them!  I realized I couldn’t turn back now and ended up purchasing the educator’s subscription to allow as many as I wanted to create, using my own background pictures and such.  Totally worth the price!

I did not only use them for newsletters, but also class information and spelling lists because they are just too cute and very easy to access!  I found that my parents were able to click on this link and access info quicker and more often than when sent in an email or on paper.  It worked better for us, so we did it!  Give it a try, you will be amazed!

Here are a few examples.

I always began with the Week, Dates, and the curriculum I Can Statements to show parents what we are working on in class this week.

It provided an easy way for me to send a few pics each week of what was going on in the classroom, as well as Dates to Remember!

This is a snapshot of the example using spelling words concepts.  We used Words Their Way for the differentiation of spelling words.
Here is an example of the chaperone letter I sent home before a field trip.

It allows you to add pictures, video, music, directions, and more!