Math and Technology

I thought I would share a little of the math we are doing in our classroom and link it to the technology being used.  Here are a few things we did this past week.

Writing our own story problems from an equation given using Pic Collage.  

During Math Workshop, the students draw a card that gives an amount of money and show they represent that amount of money with a picture and numbers using Schoolkit Math.  Since we are only officially counting like coins and not mixed, this takes it a step up to challenge those students ready for it!
Google Drive saves the day when I was unexpectedly absent on Groundhog Day.  I sent the sub a few activities to reinforce skills learned and had them send them to their Google Drive folder for me to check during the day!  Accountability at its best!

Every morning when they come in the first thing after unpacking is to get their iPad and take a picture of this blank page.  They go into Doceri and work on this from the number I have given them for the day.  They send this to their Google Drive Math folder after completing it!  Great way to reinforce number sense.