Learning To Love Podcasts

I had to share my newly acquired interest and love for Podcasts! I will admit, I had tried to delete the purple Podcast app from my phone many times, but it just doesn’t go away.  I never used it, wanted to use it, or thought I could ever listen to something without seeing it at the same time. I am clearly not a big audiobook listener.  THEN….I attended Kerissa Bearce’s Humanities Institute session on podcasts, and my interest changed.

I thought, hmm…this seems fun.  I loved the one that my daughter took part of for Student Led Conferences. I will check this out.  What I didn’t expect was to walk away with TONS of resources for myself as a teacher to use in the classroom that ties to the curriculum and a list of so many podcasts!

Since this was right before George Couros was coming to our district I decided to listen to one that he was on called Educators Lead, and have my daughter listen as well.  We pulled up to gymnastics class and I turned it off. Sofie reached over to my phone to start it back up because she wanted to listen some more!  It really surprised me that she would be so into a podcast.  Kerissa shared in her class how there are podcasts for children and I cannot wait to sit down and start finding cool things we both can listen to and learn together!  I will have to write a follow up as to how this goes. 🙂

I can see how using this with your students can give them a huge sense of ownership in their learning and connectedness by sharing their learning globally.  It hits so many components of our Portrait of a Graduate.

 If you are considering ways to use podcasts, I highly recommend reaching out to @msbearce (Kerissa Bearce)!  She does amazing things with our district to showcase awesome students!

Virtual Voyage – A Day in Tech History Podcast

If you are looking for something to make your long commute fly by or if you want to learn something new while working out, podcasts might be the way to go!  I will admit, I have heard the word podcast thrown around. I have heard of examples of students using them and teachers using them, but I had never made time to sit down and look into them for myself until this virtual voyage.  Kudos to the virtual voyage creators….exact reason you probably created this. 🙂

Here’s what I got from my podcast exploring:
1.  EASY TO ORGANIZE – The first thing I saw in the app store was the Overcast app.  After downloading this app on my phone, I set up my playlist and subscribed to different podcasts.  The ones that really caught my eye were the Technology ones. Of course, anything techie interests me and has me inquiring for more!
2.  MULTI-TASKING ABILITIES – I watched one from Ted Radio Hour about how our upbringing shapes us and how parents mold children into who they are.  I loved being able to listen to my favorite “nerdy brain topics” while unpacking from a trip.  This goes to show you can learn a little something while doing anything in your normal day. (If multi-tasking is your cup of tea.)
3.  MY FAVORITE – I highly recommend Day in Tech History podcast .  I am a history fanatic (I know, hard to believe if you know how social I was during my history class in high school!) and this combines important dates and technology happenings!  It reminds me of the app I used with my first graders this year called A Day in History.  We LOVED seeing what cool thing happened each day.  If you do not have that app, it is a must get!
4.  MOST USEFUL THING – What I found most useful about the Day in Tech history podcast is that you can use it with your classroom!   Out of all the podcasts I saw and listened to, this one was the only one I found where each session was no longer than 8 minutes!  For any human being, this is the perfect amount of time to learn something without losing your attention.  
Next thing on my podcast learning journey…..sharing my favorites on Twitter and getting favorites from my friends on Twitter.  Try it out!