I Won’t Give Up

It is no secret that I am a HUGE advocate for children who need more than the traditional teaching. In the past 5 years, my passion has grown bigger for advocating for the Whole Child, children with ADD/ADHD, children with characteristics of Dyslexia, Whole Brain Teaching, integrating curriculum and teaching those important soft skills for life.  This quote most definitely sums up my mission!

As each year goes by I see more and more need for the Whole Child, Brain-Based background in teaching.  When we stop and think, it really is just great teaching.  Knowing your students.  Knowing their needs.  Knowing how to meet each one where they are and help them be successful by using strategies that work for them.  Knowing that every child learns differently and taking action to differentiate for their needs.  Seems simple, right?

We just cannot forget that these needs include MOVEMENT. (I wrote all about this in another post here.)  I am not just talking about brain break movement, but movement with learning concepts.

Here is something I often see: Children who have struggled for years to learn how to read or write.  Their self esteem is low.  They do not speak up on how they learn best.  Is it because they are afraid?  Maybe they have never been shown how to do this appropriately?  Is it because they have never been given the opportunity?  I don’t know.

Here is what I do know.  THESE are the children who cannot learn to the best of their ability when forced to sit all day without moving, discussing, singing, making those important connections.  Yet sadly, there are still classrooms where this is happening.  It crushes my heart and has me upset as to why it still goes on.

Why, when we know what the research says about this? Why do we continue putting our children through this? Little AND big children!

I write this not to criticize anyone, but because I want SHARE some really great research and resources on these topics.  My hope is that this reaches one person that may have never considered how this all plays into learning and they try one of these strategies!  Our children deserve it!

Have we ever considered that our students are not intentionally tuning us out? They are not intentionally losing focus.  They want to remember what we are teaching them.  They want to do well.  There are just so many other factors that play a part in this Whole Child’s learning experience. What we need to ask ourselves is this:

What are WE doing to help them?

Here is a fantastic Edutopia article on brain research written by a neurologist suggesting educators have a neuroscience class that updates them on current educational research on the brain.  That would be amazing! (In my opinion!)

Here is article from the Integrated Learning Strategies website on Brain-Based Learning Crossing Midline activities that help all children.  It puts the brain research into action!

Here is a great Whole Brain Teaching article on how it is used from Kinder-College with great results.

Here are some of my Pinterest Boards where I house information I find.

Follow Bridget’s board ADD/ADHD on Pinterest.

Follow Bridget’s board Brain Research on Pinterest.

Follow Bridget’s board Dyslexia on Pinterest.

I am teaching Summer Enrichment classes that revolve around brain-based learning and movement, wellness and stress management for kids (think yoga) and dancing!  I will be posting resources I am using when the time is closer.

Advocating for the WHOLE CHILD is my passion! Like the quote above says, there was that moment I realized, I won’t give up!  Our Kids Deserve It!!!!

Virtual Voyage – Pinteresting Things

I am sure by now, there are not many teachers out there that do not know about how AMAZING Pinterest is!  Sure, we all look up workout routines, how to decorate our kitchen, and new recipes to cook for our families.  But, have you seen the millions of educational things out there?!

When Amy Phillips made the suggestion to organize your board with School – (specific content) I thought it was genius.  I now have many boards with School – Reading  or  School – Technology.  This is where I put all of my technology ideas I find on Pinterest.  I am sure at one point, very soon, I will break the technology board into mini boards like Skype, Twitter, SAMR, and such.  Being one that does not like clutter, I seem to clean out my boards every summer and try to weed down what I realize is not useful anymore.  🙂  I know, I am weird like that.

If you have not created a Pinterest account and have not checked it out, I am begging you to start today!  You will find that your professional learning has increased just by opening your first pin!  Pin as many things as you want and follow as many people as you want.  The coolest part was that you don’t have to follow all their boards about dogs and such.  You can simply follow the education boards if that is all you are looking for.

Here is part of my board:

Here is one of the best visual ideas I saw to remind me about SAMR when designing technology use around what I am already teaching.
There is so much more out there!  EXPLORE!!  I can honestly say, some of my best ideas came from Pinterest and talking with my friends about what they found on Pinterest and tweaking it to fit my classroom!