Virtual Voyage – Collaborative Brainstorming Tool

Padlet was one of the first tools I used in brainstorming ideas.  I found that it was relatively easy to use and the students enjoyed using it.  With my first graders this year, I used it to brainstorm things we already knew about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and other important historical figures.  Then, I would have them add to these ideas after they read some picture books about each person.

I used WeMAP app to do the same type thing, but this time we did it for our plant unit in Science.

I found that when using the collaborative brainstorming tools, students who do not normally want to speak up and contribute to your conversations will put their ideas in writing.  This could be anonymously or with their name attached.  The idea of not having to actually talk or have people looking at them is comfortable!  I like how it involved and engaged every single child in my classroom in some way.  Like we all know, learning becomes even greater when we are piggybacking and building off other’s thinking.