Composing and Decomposing Numbers

The students learned a new term this week:  App Smashing!  I think they knew what it was, but didn’t know the term or know they were doing this.

We composed numbers with base ten blocks using the app Number Basics.  After taking a picture of this, they imported their pictures into the app Popplet and showed it in number form.  Then we went further to work on expanded form and some took it further to show greater than.  This was on their own, so we are still working on this concept because we have not officially introduced the signs yet.

What I love is that we worked at OUR OWN levels of comfort to compose and decompose numbers this week using these apps during our Must Do/Workshop time.  While I was checking groups on counting by 5s, 10s, and so on they were working on this on their own.  They are becoming more independent right before my very eyes!

It doesn’t stop there!  After they created this in Popplet, they sent it to their Google Drive folder labeled Math so that I could check it.  Another awesome thing about Google Drive is the accountability it provides, as well as the amazing portfolio through the year.  Here are some of their examples.

These first graders just make me smile!