George Couros changed my parenting! Say what?!

I am OVER-THE-TOP inspired by the keynote speakers at this year’s iPadpalooza in Austin. ( This is lengthy, but stay with me to the very end. It’s worth it. I promise!) I have never met and been in the presence of as many positive, enthusiastic, fired-up about education, innovative, learning focused, children first, creative thinking and why-not minded educators at one time!  What a way to start your summer.

All of the presenters were amazing (that’s another post), but there was one that I follow on Twitter and know how great he is, but to see, hear, and talk with him in person……it changed something in me.  I want to share with you the takeaways I got from 1 hour of listening to the amazing George Couros.  If you haven’t heard him speak, you must!
Laura Follett and I are still dreaming up ways we can have him come to our district’s convocation!  Hey…anything is possible, right?

My very first CANVA created product!  So fun.  Check this app out! @canva. 

As I left Austin,  I thought to myself, “I am on fire about integrating technology even more than our amazing district does.  I want to go and tell everybody right now! Every single teacher NEEDS to come to one of these events.  I am so excited about the professional connections across the world that I have made this week.”

Then I think,  “I am up to date and do a good job integrating tech in classroom and feel confident in this.  The kids do pretty well with blogging. Are they understanding how important their digital footprint is in this process?  Have I taught them this?”

Then, it hits me!  My heart feels this sudden panic and I see the whole picture.  OH MY GOODNESS, how have I helped MY daughter follow her dream of sharing her ideas on youtube and blogging? What am I doing to foster this learning and help prepare her for the world she lives in?  Am I the passionate tech teacher and scared parent?  I am.  Then I cry.  How do I change this?

I have this amazing, creative little girl who has asked me for years to blog and share the movies she makes on youtube.  I have always said no.  I do not want her to have anything out there that is unsafe.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  The safest way of doing this is to sit next to her.  Show her.  Guide her.  Help her.  Create something together that teaches her digital citizenship while bonding over something that is meaningful to her.  I do it with my classroom students, why have I not done this with my own child at home?

So, how did @gcouros change me you ask?

He changed my thinking as a mother of a little girl living with these resources at her fingertips. 

He changed my thinking in using what we have now for connecting in a million ways.
Most importantly,  I left there energized about not holding my daughter back. 
I am not going to hold back her dreams of sharing her voice singing, sharing her love of creating and using her God given talents and passion for creativity!  I will be right there beside her in the passenger seat for the ride of my life!