Screencastify – Students Can Be the Experts & Teach

I woke up this morning and it hit me that I go back to work in 5 days! As I opened up my beautiful spiral full of things I wanted to accomplish this summer, I also realized I did way more relaxing and things for ME than I planned….and that is quite alright!!

So this morning I want to hit a few Virtual Voyage posts that I intended on sharing. The first one is about Screencastify.  I learned about this fabulous tool back in February when I went to Austin for the TCEA Conference.  I played around with it earlier in the year and shared a few with my campus.

Screencastify is a Chrome extension that allows you to record yourself walking someone through something while recording your screen the entire time.  I can see many ways students could use this to teach other students – to be the experts in an area and show others.  Isn’t that the purest form of securing our learning?  Here is my example of how to add the Distraction Free extension for YouTube.

It really is that simple!  I would imagine that the students getting the Chromebooks this year would be able to do a lot of amazing things to show their learning!  I might have to try it out on a few students. 🙂

Virtual Voyage – Google Chrome Extension

Draftback is quite possibly the best Chrome extension ever to be discovered!  As I sit listening to Penny Kittle and her awesomeness about reading and writing and collaborating she mentions an extension called Draftback and explains it.  It sounds awesome and the first thing that popped into my head was, “I could have used that when my firsties were editing their stories last week on Google Docs.”  I would have loved to see every single one of their edits before the final, but that wasn’t possible through Google Docs editing, but I was okay with that because they were LOVING writing!

Well, when I used this Chrome Extension, it made that possible.  I was able to install it and go back into their stories in Google Docs from the past month and it still worked!!  It is so amazing.  It replayed (in movie form) the changes they were making to their documents.  It almost felt like spying on things you weren’t supposed to see!  🙂

I have spread the word about this extension to everyone I know!  Go get it and give it a try.  Best Google thing. Ever!