Virtual Voyage – Gamification or Game-Based Learning

Do you learn while playing games?  Do you think your kids might?  Give it a try.  It might not be as “loosey goosey” as you think it sounds.  How can you not afford to try something new that will:

– engage your kids and create ownership in their learning
– deepen their learning experiences AND knowledge
– allow them to SMILE, and be happy (and we all know learning sticks when this happens)
– provide healthy competition for those who thrive on it
– allow YOU to enjoy stepping back and watching the kids be creative and take their learning further than you ever imagined.

There are many benefits to this.  I love Janie Stach’s infographic on her Pinterest page  In short, it can be gaming systems using badges and competitions, as well as your formative assessment using Kahoot! (which we all love dearly) on any given day.  Read further to discover how easy it is to incorporate!

I recently had the privilege to sit and talk with Kasey Bell, an amazing digital consultant and Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, about gamification.  My question to her, “I thought the two were the same thing.  What’s the difference?”  She very nicely explained the difference and I was surprised that I had actually been doing one for at least 2 years and it isn’t difficult! 
CHECK OUT her blog, Shake Up Learning, and see for yourself the many amazing resources she has for you!!
Follow her on Twitter @ShakeUpLearning to get even more amazing resources at your fingertips!  
I am grateful for her sharing this information with me, and that I was able to meet her, learn from her at iPadpalooza, and add her to my PLN list!