Virtual Voyage – Feedly

So, I am rule follower.  That leads me to what is about to happen.  When I started my virtual voyage back in March, I was unaware of the idea to blog about each one BEFORE you put the badge on your page.  When we had a PLC in May, it was brought to our attention as the new rule.  So, in my attempt to backtrack the things I have completed in order to be legit, I will blog about each one.  Here it goes…..

Feedly is a great way for you to read your favorite blogs with one click of your mouse.  (In a sense.)  You log in and it recognizes your Google Account so you do not have to create another account with another password!  You set up your favorite blogs and it will organize them for you.  Every day it is so nice to just click on Feedly and see all of my faves and decide which I want to read today.  If I had to rely on my memory to find all of these blogs, well, that just wouldn’t happen!  Thanks to Feedly for simplifying this!  With all the many things teachers have to remember these days, this is just one way to make it easier for us!