Virtual Voyage – Creation App

My new favorite creation app is Explain Everything!  I had used Doceri for a few years, and it is very similiar, until I decided one evening at home to check this app out that I had heard so much about, even if it does cost money.  I thought, “How can it really be that much better than Doceri, which is free?”  Well….it was!!  I bought it and instantly emailed my team about requesting it for our grade level.

For me, the biggest difference is how Kid Friendly it is, which really helps when you teach littles and also how easily everything they created uploaded into Google Drive.  It was very simple to save it to their Math folder in their drive, instead of saving everything to camera roll and then uploading it into google.  It was seamless and easy.  It became the go-to creation app in my class.  Some still used other apps of choice, but this was the one most of them used all the time.  It allows you to take pictures, take videos, import videos and pictures, type text, write text with your finger, and use arrows and such to label.  The possibilities are endless.

The kids would even ask me after I gave the assignment/task, “Can we just do that in Explain Everything?”  I would think, “Well, yeah, I guess you can.  I never thought of that.”

For me, this one creation app is a keeper!  Here are a few snapshots of how my students used this in math, working with words, and science!  In the first one and last one (although these are just pics), they also used voice to describe the process for me. It is nice to have the drawing and hear their voice telling you the thinking going on in their head.