Virtual Voyage – Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an invaluable tool for teaching technology at this moment.  This website provides so many tools for digital citizenship, literacy, and learning!  I love how it provides the Scope and Sequence for each grade.  There are so many tools it puts at the hands of teachers to help guide us in the right direction for purposeful digital teaching.

When Kerissa came to our school for a PLC and we set up a calendar of when to teach the best lessons for our grade and which ones to teach, it was so much easier to incorporate those lessons because they were written down, paced, and given appropriate timing.  This was a great idea!

I was not as aware of the parental side of Common Sense Media until recently.  I love that you can read up on movies and find the right apps for age and such.  As a mom, I make sure that before my child watches a movie, it will have the appropriate content for her.  Be it language, emotional issues, social concerns, and all the above.  I love that Common Sense Media puts this information and more out there for you.

This website is a MUST to bookmark!