Grinch Day

Grinch Day was lots of fun! We missed some of our friends because they were out sick!  It was a fast, busy day so there was not much time for pictures!  Fortunately, our mystery reader was able to snap a few class pics of us looking all green!

Christmas Caroling

I might have to say that the best part of the last day before Christmas break was when our first graders went caroling through the halls of the school!  These precious ones not only made song booklets, but they practiced them daily of course!  Fluency practice at its finest!!  They were amazing!  I was so proud of their stamina and learning to read some big words, plus singing together on key!  😉

Gingerbread Fun

Gingerbread fun all day long!!!  After assessing every single subject, we celebrated with literacy and math fun all around gingerbread!  We even had a taste test.  We read about Gingerbread pirates, Gingerbread cowboys, Gingerbread babies, and had a guest reader (my sweet daughter) read about Gingerbread friends!  Lots of discussions this week.

After reading our Reader’s Theatre, I had the kids retell and sequence the story that was written on strips.  I told them they had 15 minutes to work as a class to do this and they would get 5 dolphin dollars for each strip in order.  Then they had to count all the correct ones by 5s to get the money.  Man…tough, huh?!  Not for these smarties!!!  Maybe it was the competition, maybe it was the money…either way, they worked together (after a bumpy start) to retell and sequence the many story strips I had.  I was impressed!  This is the best way to learn conflict/resolution and how to talk to each other in that situation.  I love it when academic lessons collide with social and life lessons!!!