Twitter PLN Infographic using Canva

I want to share one of the best apps I have started using since attending iPadpalooza. It is called Canva!  It can create just about anything you want to and make it look AWESOME!

For our virtual voyage we were given the mission of creating an Infographic.  I have seen these a million times and pinned a ton of them on Pinterest.  Why?  That’s easy.  This is my kind of thinking.  Visual.  Simple. Easy to read.  Do not require much time to sit down and get the message.  🙂  What more can you ask for?
When I thought about what topic to create this on, I drew a blank.  1.  I am on vacation and my mind is starting to drift…. 2.  What do I really have to share using this that people will want to read?  So last night (I will admit, late) when I was scrolling through Twitter reading all of the great articles from blogs and people I follow I felt this nerdy sense of amazement!  
I feel INSPIRED by Twitter and here is why:
1.  There are so many amazing educators out there!
2.  So many of these educators blog incredible ideas!
3.  We are so lucky to live in a world like this where we are allowed to learn!
4.  How lucky are we to learn SO much from simply reaching out to a “stranger” on Twitter!
5.  I am so lucky to have connected with so many FAB people at iPadpalooza and Twitter!
6.  Wow….I am loving my connections on Twitter and how much I am learning!  How in the world did this even start?
THEN….my idea came!  If I hadn’t gone to iPadpalooza, would I have known which person to follow on Twitter?  Would I have even attempted to follow someone I didn’t know on my own? How did I know whom to follow?  
Here is how I start :  I look at a Twitter friend that I follow, respect, and love what they represent.  I look and see who they are following and/or take recommendations!  I figure if my Twitter friend is following them, they must be awesome!  So I check them out.  You can find people to follow so many other ways, but this is what works for me.  
This brings me to my IDEA – I decided to create my Infographic using the coolest app, Canva, and list my top Twitter recommendations!  Now, it’s not a perfect graphic, but I’m learning.  🙂  Hope you find someone new to follow and love as much as I do!