Classroom App Toolbox – One More Way To Connect Classrooms

I used Amy’s template to create My Classroom App Toolbox a few years ago at the end of the school year with my second graders.  When I first created it, I made it blank.   I said to them, “Let’s clear out our iPads and only keep what we think are the best apps the next class will want to use.”  So it began……

The list was created by students for students!  I moved to teach first grade the next year, obviously learned many more app choices, and did the same thing at the end of that year.  This time I shared it with my friends.  Some of them talked to their class and added some apps.  Power of global connecting, right?!

The most powerful thing about this was not only connecting with other classrooms for ideas, but allowing the kids to make the choices.  I also sent this toolbox home with the kids for the parents.  This allowed them to see what was being used in class and in what ways.  Also, it gave them something to use over the summer for learning.

It is a FABULOUS tool to have for many reasons, especially if you are like me and like organized compartments for your learning. 🙂

Here is my toolbox, view only, so you can get an idea of what we did.

My Classroom App Toolbox