My Next Thirty Years

As our principal rolled out the 2015-2016 theme for our staff, honestly at first I had no clue what it was!  🙂  It was not until he began explaining why it was chosen did something awesome happen. First, I realized how great and intentional he is at everything he does for the school and staff.  Second, many feelings stirred inside of me.

Our theme is:                           
30 for 30 (like the ESPN series)

30 Years of Working Hard and Changing Lives. 

With of course, our goal to continue on even better for 30 more!

This year is our school’s 30th year anniversary and what an incredible way to celebrate it than with memories of our first thirty years.
If you do not know about the 30 for 30 series, here’s my attempt to explain.  🙂  It is a TV series of films on ESPN that showcase the issues, rivals, events, and such in the sports world that transformed the culture and impacted our world from 1979-2009.   Each one is told from a different filmmaker’s point of view and tells a compelling story that many have forgotten.  

Relating this theme to our school year:

  • What are the implications for O.C. Taylor and telling our stories this year?  
  • What stories do we want retold and not forgotten after these next 30 years?  

How empowering to students and teachers is that?!  It stirred up some really powerful feelings inside me – and this is my first year at this school!!  🙂  I can guarantee every teacher in that building felt a refreshed sense of WHY we are here doing what we are doing.  Mr. Kinney brought it back and made it real for us.

Here are a few things we know.

  1. We will be very intentional in everything we do.
  2. We will be very intentional in how we are putting our stories out there so that they are to be retold and not forgotten.
  3. We want stories to be told from kids and parents about how we are a community.  
  4. We want stories to be told from kids about how much they know they are loved by their teachers because we want to leave a legacy of relationships that will not disappear.
  5. We want stories to be told from kids about how much they love the learning they are doing and how proud they are.  
  6. We want stories to be told from kids about how empowered they feel because of their teachers.
  7. Inspired Minds = Innovative Society …..We need that innovative society for our future, so we need to inspire these minds TODAY!

We need to be the first ones to communicate and tell our stories.  We need to tell about the awesome things going on in our school and be an open window for parents and community members to peek in and see for themselves.

I will never forget when my daughter was in Pre-K at the ECDC with Mrs. Jennifer Pettit.  The amazing Mrs. Jennifer.  The one we loved so dearly because of the relationships she developed with each child and family.

Mrs. Jennifer and my sweet little Pre-K Sofie.

Do you know what she did that was so AMAZING!?  Are you ready, it’s a huge secret?!  She blogged.  She talked about the amazing things they were doing in her class.  She always had pictures of every single child on the blog.  For a mother to this only child, it was the little piece of sunshine in my day of being away from my child that I craved.  I got to see her happy and learning through this blog.  I never doubted anything Mrs. Jennifer did or said for one minute!  This is exactly why I started blogging with my class years ago.  I wanted every one of my parents to see a glimpse of their child’s daily life when they couldn’t be there. It establishes so much trust and understanding between all parties.  It means so much. It actually meant a lot to my daughter, too. Two years later, she still looked at the blog and wanted to remember those days.  Hmmm, this sounds familiar….stories of special memories continuing to be retold years later.  It all starts with communicating from the inside out.

I look forward to embarking on this incredible 30th year celebrating a school that has many sentimental, fun, and special memories to celebrate.

Here’s to Our Next Thirty Years!  🙂