The Importance of Immediate Feedback

Teacher feedback.  Parent feedback.  Student feedback. Feedback– a word we hear so often in education. 

Isn’t that the truth?  Today in my hot yoga class I realized what it feels like to be a student learning new things, and how important immediate, constant feedback truly is.  Ironically, this yoga class happened to be a Barre class because my studio, Sunstone Yoga, asked members if their needs were being met.  They listened to the feedback and took the advice to add more classes along with the regular yoga ones!  Imagine how much more business they are getting. You might say they were innovative in making a great thing they already have even better. πŸ™‚
In this class we were working muscles to exhaustion.  Let me first say that it is very easy to focus so much on one muscle that you forget to squeeze another and it completely changes where you are working.  So, the focus that is required the entire time is hardcore. The instructor guides us through class telling us where we should be feeling it to make sure we are using proper form to get the best results.  They correct our form without hesitation and push us to challenge ourselves all while respecting where we are that day. (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!)
During one of the moves my instructor helped guide me through getting positioned just right. All of a sudden, it struck me that had she not given me feedback AT THAT MOMENT I would never have known twisting my hip in one more degree would make a huge difference in where I felt the burn!  I would have been doing this same move feeling something, but not what was intended. 
I really connected this with our students because in that moment, I felt so grateful for my teacher showing me how to do something with grace and kind words of encouragement.  I love when my yoga instructors give me feedback while the class is in session.  It allows me to make those changes immediately and see progress.  If they never said anything until after class or maybe the next week, there is little chance that I would have been able to make a change to deepen my learning.  I saw this on Pinterest from Edutopia and it reminded me of today.
So true! We must give learners constant, endless feedback.  This is not the same as constant teaching.  Yes, it will secure that memory of the material, but it will also encourage them to think critically and innovate as a result of this.   
Whether you are listening to feedback for professional growth or personal growth, it is important to listen with a heart of a learner knowing that we all can improve.
If you are one that is giving feedback, it is important to remember immediate feedback is necessary.  
The thing is, we need people.  We need people (admin, teachers, parents, and students) we value, respect, and trust to give us feedback. What an amazing gift it can be when we use this to help us grow and become better. πŸ™‚  

Author: Bridget Visser

I am a passionate educator advocating for ALL Children! Love all things around Student Voice, Literacy, Technology, Innovation, Student Design, and Empowering Others in positive ways! I am a learner, energized by connecting with other educators sharing their learning!