Why I’m Keeping Track of Life

I LOVE holiday breaks!!  I love getting all that extra cuddling time with my family.  I love getting to lay around in my pajamas by the fire, reading all the books I have been talking about reading all year.  I love organizing closets. (I really do!) I love making long lists of all the things I need to accomplish over the time off.  Then, checking those off my list.  You see, I am one of those people that just cannot sit and “relax” by watching tv or just sitting.

This week, though, while I rushed around checking things off my list this break I felt different. I felt anxious about always having more laundry to finish, more corners to organize, more little school tasks to get checked off my list. I felt like the more I did, the more I added to my list to do! This led me to feeling irritated about not ever having it all done. How is that even possible?! It is. Believe me.  I asked myself, “Surely, I am not the only one that feels like this?” A few nights ago I was talking to one of my best friends, and she said the same thing!  This is why I knew when I saw the Hands Free Life book by Rachel Macy Stafford, I had to get it.  It was speaking to me!  Really, it was screaming my name.  🙂

I haven’t finished the book, but what I can tell you is that it’s speaking to the part of me that needed a wake up call.  It’s saying:

  • Stop hurrying through daily life. 
  • Let go of the need to get through the to-do list.
  • Create intentional actions to overcome distractions that try to pull me away from what matters most.
  • I can’t do it all! (Why would I even want to?!)
What really stuck with me was this simple part at the beginning.  
As I look through posts on Facebook, pins on Pinterest, articles on Twitter, blogs on my Inoreader…it is so easy to feel like I cannot even breathe because of all the ideas I want to take away to use or share with colleagues!  This quote reminds me I can’t do it all and it is OKAY!  
This may seem like an easy thing to do, but for this Type A, constantly going and doing, list-making mama, it is a constant battle. I think as educators, this is something we all battle to some extent.  I want to be able to do this more than anything else, but I know that it will not change overnight.  I know that I will have to be intentional in my actions to step back and not feel guilty.    
I am a passionate educator, a passionate person, always saying yes and wanting to help….but I need to remember to check in with how I am “Keeping Track of Life” – to quote Rachel Macy Stafford. I want to look back to see that I lived life and not just managed it.
I can’t wait to see what else this book reveals to me as I snuggle up by the fire to continue reading. 

Author: Bridget Visser

I am a passionate educator advocating for ALL Children! Love all things around Student Voice, Literacy, Technology, Innovation, Student Design, and Empowering Others in positive ways! I am a learner, energized by connecting with other educators sharing their learning!