We welcome March in with….SNOW?!

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been!  I feel like we started things, had to stop because we had half days, finished things, started the next thing and had to stop because of bad weather days, started things and had to stop because school let out early because of snow!!  In between all of that we had our PTA program, student-led conferences, parent conferences, Ballet Folklorico presentation, and 50’s day!  Can you say BUSY?!

I am looking forward to getting back on track….oh wait, next week is SPRING BREAK!!  😉

Even though we have had the craziest two weeks ever, we have made the most of our learning in this situation! Just ask your child all about peer editing/revising in writing, what is a homophone, and all about the inventions/inventors we are starting!  They are completely loving every minute of it.

As always, they melt my heart!  So precious singing sweet songs.
All dressed up the very next day for our school 50’s day!  Precious, just precious!

Mrs. Mery treated us to the Ballet Folklorico dancers!  The kids (and teachers!) really loved dancing along!

Of course, when we started walking back to class, what do you think we saw coming down outside the window?  SNOW!  So, of course…we have to go out and see.  Don’t worry, we ALL had our coats on and we stayed out just long enough for a picture and to try to catch some snowflakes on our tongue.

You know you are in Texas when you welcome March in with snow!!  Stay warm and safe friends!

President’s Day

If you were to ask my kids this past Monday something exciting that is happening this week, they would probably all say, “It is President Lincoln’s birthday!” since they know how much their teacher adores him.  We read the book I Am Abraham Lincoln by Metzer. It is the best book to explain the character of Lincoln for kids.  We loved learning what a good kid he was.

We wrote down What We Knew about the presidents using the app WeKWL. The kids loved seeing each other’s writing pop up on the screen as they typed.

Then, the kids went online to a Blendspace I made with all sorts of videos and songs about both Lincoln and Washington.  They saw virtual tours of Mount Vernon, Mount Rushmore, Ford’s theater and listened to information.  They were so excited learning all about these great presidents.

After doing the reading and research, they used the app Venn Diagram to compare both presidents.

Then, after all that digital learning about presidents they were able to create their own log cabins using pretzels.  Oh what fun it was to see the creative minds at work!  Some of them put their pictures into Pic Collage all on their own.  🙂

Friendship Day

Mrs. Mery always puts together the best cultural day/friendship day!  The kids traveled around and learned about different countries, tried different foods, looked at jewelry, clothing, and much more! I learn something new every year! If you ever see her, give her a big thanks. Ask your child what part of the experience was their favorite!

Math and Technology

I thought I would share a little of the math we are doing in our classroom and link it to the technology being used.  Here are a few things we did this past week.

Writing our own story problems from an equation given using Pic Collage.  

During Math Workshop, the students draw a card that gives an amount of money and show they represent that amount of money with a picture and numbers using Schoolkit Math.  Since we are only officially counting like coins and not mixed, this takes it a step up to challenge those students ready for it!
Google Drive saves the day when I was unexpectedly absent on Groundhog Day.  I sent the sub a few activities to reinforce skills learned and had them send them to their Google Drive folder for me to check during the day!  Accountability at its best!

Every morning when they come in the first thing after unpacking is to get their iPad and take a picture of this blank page.  They go into Doceri and work on this from the number I have given them for the day.  They send this to their Google Drive Math folder after completing it!  Great way to reinforce number sense.