Needs, Wants, and “Playing family”

Couldn’t think of a better time to teach about Needs and Wants with Christmas around the corner!! These sweet ones were able to distinguish a need from a want AND use their income earned from their job to purchase these for their family.

First, we started with discussions and listed items in our sort.

Next, we played “Family” and each family member had a job where he/she earned money to use on goods and services.  All of the families chose to have a family pet and/or a baby.  Unfortunately, they did not think about how these people would not earn an income; therefore, their family income was much lower than others.  Not only would they not earn an income, but as we all know….childcare is quite expensive!!  🙂  They had many questions as to why the doctor got paid more than the cashier and why the dentist made more than the teacher.  Quite fun to see the thinking going on!
Then, the families went shopping for what they needed and what they wanted.  I loved this part.  They were so serious about why they should get things and why they shouldn’t.  At one point, I heard one of these sweet ones say, “Well, this will be a boring life if we can only get food and clothes and not any fun things.”  Another said, “You can only get all needs and we can get one toy.”
I loved getting to see how they discussed the reasoning behind each good and service they purchased.  I loved seeing them realize that parents give up more than they think for their children.  It was a fun lesson AND one that they keep begging me to “play” again!  
So when your child comes home telling you they “played Family” you will know exactly what that means!

Do you see my employees working above?  What about the family pet resting?  How about the babies crying and sucking their thumbs?  😉  (Their favorite part!)