Earthworm Fun!

I just want to say that earthworms are not my favorite! Actually, nothing that has to do with bugs and dirt makes me smile with excitement; however, like I always say, “It’s not always about you.”

The kids had a screaming fun time collaborating with Mrs. Follett’s class and observing earthworms and comparing them to gummy worms. Living and nonliving can be so much fun! 


Our awesome student teacher, Ms. Osen, taught a lesson on living/nonliving and merged it with our study of weather: fall.  The students bundled up and went outside to find things for the sort.

After a great discussion about the sorting, the students went to their blog (using Weebly) and posted what they learned.  Some of them even made a video telling all about it.  This is a screenshot of the page.  You can view these on