Virtual Voyage – Kahoot!

Check out this link to a prior post I wrote on Kahoot!  If you have not ever used Kahoot, it is completely worth any time you spend messing with it to create the best data driven formative assessment “game” that your kids will go crazy for.

 My first graders were so pumped about Kahoot and asked me if we could do it!  I couldn’t keep up with their demands, so  I had them create their own Kahoots over what we were learning.  They taught the class and did the Kahoot.  Their first one was over all four seasons for science.  It was a blast to see how excited about learning they got.  Quite honestly, they took seasons into way more depth than I ever anticipated!

Kahoot! It on nouns!

Today we Kahooted it!! Hmmm, you are wondering! It’s the best way to pre-assess, formative assess, post assess anything you are teaching!

Our game was over common and proper nouns! We took a can be boring grammar lesson and turned it into the most competitive game I have seen played amongst a group of 6 year olds! They. Went. Nuts! They loved it and shhhh…I have great data and evidence of learning that I need for each kid! Love it! Check it out! 

They squealed as they saw their entered nicknames pop up on the screen! 

Focusing so intently!

Showing me what THEY know by finding a great learning spot.

If you haven’t tried @GetKahoot , you must! We love it!