Virtual Voyage – Google Hangout (Shhh…

One of the tasks to complete on the Virtual Voyage #gcisdvv is to Skype or Google Hangout with a fellow teacher.  Here’s the thing, I had a Google Hangout months ago when our technology department rolled out how to use our Gmail Calendar.  It was great.  So, I wanted to try something different this time that I learned from a sweet girl in one of my sessions at iPadpalooza last week!

Here is a picture of us on the way home from Austin chatting in a session!  Laura Follett and I were supposed to meet Erin Gerdes, Amy Henderson, and others at her teammate’s house for dinner to brainstorm and collaborate!  We loved iPadpalooza so much we couldn’t leave!  Just kidding (kinda), really….it went until after 4:00 and we couldn’t make it back in time. So what did we think to do?  HANGOUT!

We used to chat and it acts similar to Google Hangout, but from what I have been told and seen it is clearer with fewer static noises.  Who knows, but we used it.  I am not trying to discourage Google Hangout.  I want to make you aware of another option to use if you need one.  🙂
Seriously, what would we do without the amazing 21st century tools we have at our fingertips?  Professional Learning and Connecting on the road, who would’ve thought?!