The Power of Commenting

I am writing tonight as a result of my learning from my own blog post yesterday.  (Yes, you read that right.) Here is what happened.

I was reflecting on the thought discussed in the #IMMOOC about our moral imperative to share our story.  Like I always tell people, I write for my own learning.  I write to secure ideas and thoughts in my brain. If someone sees my writing and it helps them, even better. What I was not expecting were comments on my blog post.   So I am writing tonight to share two things: 
1. How commenting on other people’s blogs can inspire others.
2. My new learning came through realizing how “Sharing Our Story” can mean many things to many people.  Through these comments, it reminded me that not only do we share to grow as teachers and help each other, but we also need to shout the positive loudly. People will talk. Let’s help them talk about the AMAZING things we are doing in education!! Let’s share the awesome things we are doing with our community and other communities.  Positivity spreads. 
The final thing I want to share came from one sweet woman’s comment on her connection with my reflection and this quote.  
Reading her comment inspired me to go find this quote and something about it weighed heavy on my heart.  Then it hit me…..We cannot allow our deepest fear to be the fear of being too much for someone!  Or entertain the idea of feeling different because we share our passions, our dreams, our stories.  This is not okay.  
We have to let our light SHINE and never, ever water down who we are because of this fear!  So many incredible things come from knowing what we share comes from a place of love to make this world an even better place.
Thank YOU “sweet lady blog commenter” for inspiring new learning in me and empowering me to share even more. 🙂  
Share on, friends! 

Author: Bridget Visser

I am a passionate educator advocating for ALL Children! Love all things around Student Voice, Literacy, Technology, Innovation, Student Design, and Empowering Others in positive ways! I am a learner, energized by connecting with other educators sharing their learning!

6 thoughts on “The Power of Commenting”

  1. I agree! Commenting helps the writer and the reader! As I read your post, I thought of all of our students and whether they have the same opportunities to give and receive feedback on their work.

  2. Comments take a post to another level — decreasing the distance between writer and reader in powerful ways. Thanks for providing insight into this, and for suggesting others in IMMOOC dig deeper into posts with rich conversation.

  3. You are so right! If we are sharing our passions with good intentions, there is no need to remain silent or hide. After all, purpose drives our need to share with others. If we continue to share, our top priorities (THE KIDS) benefit the most. Love reading your blog! Keep shining your light, sweet friend. 🙂

  4. So I've been trying to take George up on the "Comment on 3 blogs" challenge. Obviously, I have to comment on a blog about commenting. Thanks for reiterating the power of comments.
    The past 2 days I have had my new 10th graders start to comment on each other's blog posts. Although they are uncertain at first, they follow the 'models' I have suggested, and then pretty soon I'm hearing, "Can we comment on more if we're finished!"
    I teach a college course about edtech to preservice teachers and this week they set up a new blog, many for the first time. Some will lament about commenting when that is the topic next week; the typical "who cares what I have to say" from new-ish bloggers. I think your post will be required reading!
    Cammie K

  5. You are so sweet! I am actually needing to up my game as well! 🙂 It's easy to get distracted with other things needing our attention, but I need to refocus. I feel that every time I write and reflect I learn even more about what I am reflecting about. It is important for everyone to know that writing anything (blog or comment) will help someone else deepen their learning, and most often in the process we think of something new ourselves. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!!

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